Mentoring is such an important component to sustained academic and behavioral progress that virtually every aspect of our programming contains some form of it.

YOD sees mentoring as a way to create a consistent connection with our target population (ages 10-24) and serve as an additional resource to help guide them through an imporant period in their life.

Mentoring Client Methodology:
Y.O.D’s Mentoring and Resource Programs follow closely with the organization’s mission to become a positive change agent in the community. Our mentoring program has different “paths” designed for each individual client. The pathways will depend on what age category the individual client is in, and a particular focus will be on those who are in the age range of 12-24.

Types of mentoring available to each client will include:

  • (Age 10-16)- Mentoring Group, One-on-One Mentoring, Community Action Group, Link to other community resources, Field Trips
  • (Age 18 and up)- One-on-One Mentoring, (combined with link to resources involving GED, Job-readiness, Employment , Education, Mental Health,etc.)

Client Mentoring Program Structure

Once a client is established and put on a caseload, the following steps will be followed

  • Intake form and “Starting Point” Survey completion
  • Initial goals are set
  • The client will meet with a Mentoring Specialist for a minimum of 3 hours per month for a 1 year time period, and document each session with Y.O.D. Mentor Contact forms.
  • During each session, mentor and client’s discussion will focus on goals set at intake and new goals set during the course of the mentoring program. Efforts will be made to help clients set and achieve goals that will enable them to reach positive life outcomes.
  • After the 1 year period, each client will be re-evaluated and either transitioned to our After-Mentoring Program or continue meeting with their mentor for another specified period of time.
  • Our After-Mentoring Program will involve Mentoring Specialists establishing contact with clients once-per-month to ensure that they are continuing on a positive life path.