School Support Services

YOD staff has extensive experience in working with K-12 student populations inside of Pittsburgh-area schools in mediation, mentoring, and group instruction capacities. Through this experience, YOD has the ability to develop school-specific programming based on the needs of each school district.

We operate with the main goal of ensuring a safe school environment that is conducive to learning.

This is achieved by:

  • Maintaining a presence in high traffic areas inside of the school and in selected classrooms.
  • Building connections with the student population that allow our staff to mediate issues they may be having. Frequently, after the students become accustomed to our methods, they learn to seek out our services in mediating issues BEFORE problems erupt.
  • Working in-depth with teachers and administrators to solve student issues in order to ensure safety and efficiency inside the classroom.
  • Extensively documenting our efforts and developing a weekly report for administrative school staff.
  • Mentoring with students individually or in groups to emphasize importance of education and resolving any personal or academic issues.

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